#MAGA March and “Release the Kraken”

I attended the March yesterday, always a blast to be among fellow Red Hat wearing Patriots (Hey, part of the reason Dale and I are so happy to now be in West Virginia !). Two new pages added, one on the MAGA March and another on the lawsuits and investigation proceeding ahead on the massive fraud embedded in the Dominion voting machines (the Dominion voting machines were created to help Hugo Chavez in Venezuela !).

There are now 3 pages on the voting machines – Rigged Voting Machines, Hammer and ScoreCard, and Release the Kraken.

Sidney Powell, on the President’s legal team, vows to “Release the Kraken” … the extent of the fraud is mind boggling… story of the century. I would highly recommend watching her interview with Lou Dobbs on the new page.

Take Heart Patriots, this is FAR from over.

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