LIVE VIDEO of suitcases of ballots being moved from UNDER tables to be counted directly AFTER they kicked the Republican poll watchers out :

Georgia: Video Shows Suitcase Allegedly Filled With Ballots Under a Table – Laura Ingraham

Georgia Senate hearings :

Full replay :

Election machines UPDATED the day before the election !

From Lin Wood : I am not in a position from an evidentiary standpoint to comment on ⁦‪@dougducey⁩, but I can say with confidence that ⁦‪@BrianKempGA⁩ is a traitor & a criminal who was aware that kickbacks from China & Dominion deals made their way to family accounts & his business partners’ accounts.
Lin Wood is the attorney suing Brian Kemp (Governor of Georgia) for election fraud

Dead Voters Voting in Michigan

All 900 military ballots in Fulton County went for Biden? Not a chance in hell that happened.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Used Dominion’s Eric Coomer as Witness for the State to Defend LAST MINUTE COMPUTER CHANGES – Geller Report News

BREAKING: Georgia Election Monitor Allegedly Finds Nearly 10,000 Vote Error In Recount (

Lin Wood Outlines Case for Rampant Voter Fraud, GA Vote Corruption; GA Election will Be Nullified – YouTube

What can you do ?

GA contact information :


Contact David Ralston, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives

Contact Mike Dugan, Georgia Senate Majority Leader