Stop the Steal Rally January 6th in DC

The widespread election fraud that took place this past election was astounding. And our mainstream media is NOT reporting it….

check out the front page of the site, and definitely watch the Georgia election fraud hearings that went on last week….

Couple of key things :

Dual slates of electors were certified in all the swing states where fraud occured. The date to certify the electors (which Congress does) is THIS Wednesday – January the 6th

Watch the Georgia hearing on election frauds. (Link on main page)

Like all the swing states, 100’s of thousands of ballots appeared between 11 pm and 3 am, when they told the Republican poll watchers that counting had stopped and please go home !

Hackers got into the dominion machines in real time during the current Georgia elections.

Folks, if you want to protect the only truly free country on earth, our ELECTIONS must be FREE and FAIR !